Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Launches Calming Formula:

Harmony™ Lavender & Bamboo Scented Litter

(1/17/2024) Corning, CA – Eco-Shell, LP, manufacturer of the Naturally Fresh family of litter products, is announcing the launch of its first formula designed to improve well-being. Harmony™ Lavender & Bamboo Scented Litter is infused with lavender and bamboo essential oils, promoting a calm environment, and featuring soothing scents.

Naturally Fresh collaborated with Givaudan to create the mood-boosting litter using MoodScentz™+ technology. With consumer research showing that fragrance can positively impact mood, Naturally Fresh wanted to introduce a litter that does just that. The mood-boosting technology enhances the natural calming properties of lavender and bamboo essential oils, leaving homes smelling fresh while helping reduce potential restlessness for cats. It’s an ideal product for any cat parents who enjoy a light, pleasant scent and the benefits of essential oils.

“This has been a labor of love for quite some time. The Naturally Fresh team is excited to launch this innovative product that offers benefits for cats and the whole family,” said Helen Cantrell, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We look forward to this product bringing a little bit of harmony into the homes of cat owners.”

Like other Naturally Fresh formulas, Harmony™ is made from upcycled walnut shells and controls ammonia odors organically. It’s sustainably grown certified, annually renewable, and solar power produced, serving as an eco-friendly alternative to clay litter. It’s good for cats, people, and the planet.

The Harmony™ Lavender & Bamboo Scented Litter formula is available now to add to your shelves.

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