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At Naturally Fresh, we’re big fans of celebrating cat kids in any way we can. It’s why we make a walnut shell cat litter that sparks your cat’s wiring to bury his business in nature. It’s also why we launched our new Instagram page.

Here, we share pictures of real cat kids doing cat-kid things like snuggling with their human siblings, posing for the camera with their pet parents, and showing off their latest outfits. Want to learn how to make healthy treats for your cat kid? We share recipes! Need some Monday Motivation you can relay to your cat kid when you both need it? We share that wisdom too.

And we want you to get in on the sharing! Just use the hashtag #NaturallyFreshCatKid when posting pictures of your wild child on Instagram. We can’t wait to welcome your interspecies family to our online community. See you soon!

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