Naturally Fresh Proves Environmental Impact of Walnut Shell Litter

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(August 15, 2022) Corning, Ca. – In collaboration with the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), a peer-reviewed Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) study was conducted, which found that compared to clay litter, Naturally Fresh’s walnut shell-based litter generates nearly 42% fewer fossil fuels, uses 97% fewer mineral resources, and emits 130% fewer greenhouse gasses (with carbon uptake from walnut trees) during production.

“More and more brands are starting to claim “natural” and “sustainable”, that it begs the question, what do those words really mean?”, said Helen Cantrell, director of marketing and sales for Naturally Fresh Cat Litter. “We invested in this study because we know that consumers are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and how their consumption can impact the environment. We want our customers and partners to know that we are all in on our commitment to green practices, from tree to shelf.”

Naturally Fresh comes to this year’s SuperZoo prepared to share details of the study and demonstrate how the numbers prove it is the top sustainable choice for discerning retailers. Instead of strip mining for clay, Naturally Fresh grows walnut trees. Instead of using electricity generated from fossil fuels, Naturally Fresh leverages its 7,480 solar panels. Tens of thousands of walnut trees do more than produce the litter’s star ingredient – they absorb at least 3,744 lbs. of CO2 annually per acre, releasing earth-sustaining oxygen in exchange.

The impact of Naturally Fresh extends further than cat households. Retailers who carry Naturally Fresh play an important role in creating positive change for the planet. The impact that comes from the amount of walnut shell litter produced each year is equivalent to taking 15,591 passenger vehicles off the road, driving 178,459,709 fewer miles, or burning 8,193,024 fewer gallons of gas each year.

Can clay litter say the same? Naturally Fresh invites retailers and consumers to be a part of this positive change and make a difference one sustainable choice at a time. For more information about Naturally Fresh, our commitment to sustainability, or available products, come visit us at booth #4951 or Representatives will be available to walk you through the study and provide more details at the show.

About Naturally Fresh

Based in Corning, Calif., Eco-Shell, maker of the Naturally Fresh family of products, produces all-natural, environmentally friendly cat litter made with a proprietary blend of the fibrous materials found only inside walnut shells. Founded in 2010, Naturally Fresh products use a blend derived from walnut shells grown in California by Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc., a family-owned producer, packer, and processor of quality English Walnuts for over a half-century. Naturally Fresh has proven superior odor control, absorbs three times better than clay, is low tracking, and free of silica dust. The formulas are also sustainable, biodegradable, and free of perfumes. For more information, visit .

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