Naturally Fresh to Showcase Commitment to Sustainability at SuperZoo

(August 16, 2021) Corning, Ca.

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is proud to showcase all the ways it exemplifies sustainability at this year’s SuperZoo show, including being produced in a 100% solar-run facility, being made from California-grown walnut shells, a food by-product, and being fully biodegradable and compostable.

“SuperZoo is always a fantastic opportunity for retailers and distributors to see the tremendous benefits of using Naturally Fresh,” said Helen Cantrell, director of marketing and sales for Naturally Fresh Cat Litter. “Our walnut shell cat litter out-performs the competition, providing superior odor control organically. Walnut shells have the natural ability eliminate ammonia odors, so there are no added perfumes or harsh chemicals. Our six litter formulas are good for the planet and align with consumer demand for eco-friendly products. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring awareness to these qualities at our booth (#6419) at this year’s SuperZoo.”

Naturally Fresh comes to the show prepared to host litter demonstrations, as well as offer show deals, ISOs, consumer loyalty offers, and more. In addition, Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) will feature Naturally Fresh products at their Top Performers booth (#3659). Their team will be educating retailers on the benefits of sustainable products throughout the show.

Naturally Fresh will feature some newer additions to their product lineup: 10 lb. Pellet, 10 lb. Quick-Clumping, and 14 lb. Herbal Attraction®. The 10 lb. offerings make consumer trial easier, are ideal for travel and vertical living, have a flat-bottom bag that stands upright for better merchandising, and are now made from 30% recycled packaging. The Herbal Attraction® formula is the one simple solution for drawing cats of all life stages to the litter box. It contains natural, calming herbs that help attract kittens in training, seniors who have lost sense of the litter box, and fussy cats dealing with stressful events back to the litter box. It has no added perfumes and saves shelf space with one product that works for attracting, training, and maintaining consistent litter box usage.

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About Naturally Fresh

Based in Corning, Calif., ECO-SHELL, maker of the Naturally Fresh family of products, produces all-natural, environmentally-friendly cat litter made with a proprietary blend of the fibrous materials found inside walnut shells. Founded in 2010, Naturally Fresh products use a blend derived from walnut shells grown in California by Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc., a family-owned producer, packer and processor of quality English Walnuts for over a half-century. The Naturally Fresh formula absorbs three times better than clay litter, is low tracking and free of silica dust. The litters are also sustainable, biodegradable and free of perfumes.

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