How Much Cat Litter Should You Use?

When it comes to cat litter, how much should you use, how much is enough, and how often should you change it? It all depends on how many cat kids you have — and what type of cat litter you use to fill those litter boxes

Read on for some tips!

How much litter does a cat use in a month?

A common interspecies family house rule: have one cat litter box for every cat in the house, plus one extra. Fill each box with 2 inches of clumping cat litter, then scoop at least once a day.

According to, one cat uses about 7 lbs. of clay cat litter a week, or 28 lbs. in one month. If you have litter boxes for a multiple cat household, that litter will add up fast.

Since Naturally Fresh is made from walnut shells, it organically absorbs odor three times better than clay. You're likely to go through less of our eco-friendly cat litter than you would if you were using a clay cat litter — which will stretch out the lifespan of each bag.

Not sure how many pounds of cat litter per month you’ll need? We recommend one 14 lb. bag per month for one cat kid (half the amount of the average monthly clay litter amount).

How often should you change cat litter?

Everyone likes a clean bathroom. To keep things fresh and healthy for your cat kid, we recommend scooping daily and cleaning and sanitizing your litter box every 30 days. Follow these easy steps:

  • Empty the litter box and dispose of the contents
  • For several minutes, soak the litter box in hot water mixed with a bit of mild dish soap
  • Avoid harsh ingredients including bleach and ammonia
  • Use gloves and scrub the litter box with a designated scrub brush or sponge
  • Dry the litter box with a clean towel

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