Cat Anxiety + Cat Litter Box Rejection Issues? Meet Our Solutions.

When it comes to using the litter box, does your cat kid need some support? It happens. It’s also a solvable problem with solutions that help reduce the number of cats surrendered to shelters because of litter box avoidance. Whether you have a kitten in training, a fussy, anxious cat kid dealing with stress, or a senior cat kid who needs a gentle nudge in the right direction, we have some tips ... and a specific formula that helps.

Address cat stress

A move across town. A new pet sibling. A loud noise in the middle of a bathroom break. A variety of stressors can affect your cat kid and cause litter box avoidance issues. Try keeping as much of a routine as possible, such as feeding them at the same time each day and carving out time for play and cuddles. All of these actions can help lessen cat anxiety.

Eco-friendly litter box etiquette

Everyone likes a clean bathroom. Make sure to clean the litter box at least once a day, and more frequently if you have multiple cat kids. If you’re wondering how to make your litter box smell better, try using our walnut shell cat litter, which helps neutralize smells organically for ultimate cat litter box odor control. Keep the litter to 1–2 inches so it’s not too deep for them, especially if you have kittens. Also, pay attention to the size of the litter box — it may be too small for your robust cat kid, or too high for your senior cat. If either of these issues are the case, try a larger box or one with low sides for more accessibility.

Location, location, location

If your cat kid is avoiding the litter box, it may just be a location issue. Make sure it’s in a quiet spot away from food dishes, foot traffic, and noisy appliances, but also somewhere your cat kid can easily access it. This simple change could help turn a stressed-out cat kid into a litter box pro. If you have multiple cat kids, it’s a good idea to have a litter box for each with one extra — this cuts back on rivalry and aggressive behaviors and helps with litter box odor control.

Keep calm and call for backup

Tried the above and still dealing with feline anxiety? There are a few natural remedies on the market if you find yourself declaring, “My cat is anxious!” or catch yourself wondering, “How do I calm my cat kid?” Diffusers and sprays from Feliway mimic calming pheromones that cats release when they feel safe, helping to reduce excessive scratching, hiding, or cat sibling squabbles. Rescue Remedy® Pet provides natural cat stress relief in the form of drops that can be added to food, water, or even fur. And Snuggle Kitty, a heated stuffed animal with a battery-operated heartbeat, gives anxious cats a new best friend that helps alleviate separation anxiety and loneliness.

Calming herbs for cats? Try our Herbal Attraction® formula.

Cats are wired to bury their business, but sometimes what they’re burying their business in is the issue. From harsh perfumes to uncomfortable textures, some litters just don’t call your cat kids in — while the bathroom rug does. That’s why we created our Herbal Attraction® formula. Just like our other clumping cat litter formulas, it’s soft on paws thanks to its finely crushed walnut shells. It also includes a blend of natural attraction herbs that have a calming effect on cats of all life stages, drawing them into the litter box and away from that rug. If you’re looking for the one simple solution to litter box avoidance issues that’s free of perfumes, has no noticeable scent for pet parents, and includes herbs to attract a cat to the litter box, give Herbal Attraction® a try.

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