Animal Shelters and Naturally Fresh:

Discover the Difference Our Litter Makes

The Humane Society estimates that there are approximately 3,500 animal shelters and 10,000 animal rescues in the U.S., and 3.2 million cats entering those shelters and rescues annually. And while they’re waiting to be adopted, those cat kids need lots of multi-cat litter boxes — and the cat litter to fill them. That’s where Naturally Fresh comes in. Read on to learn how our eco-friendly cat litter donations to U.S. animal shelters and rescues help cat kids and our shared world.

The best multi-cat litter for animal shelters

The best cat litter for odor control? Check. The best low-dust cat litter? Check. A low-tracking cat litter? Check. When it comes to the ideal litter for an animal shelter, Naturally Fresh walnut shell litter makes a lot of sense. Whether it’s one of our clumping cat litter formulas or our non-clumping pellet litter, Naturally Fresh organically neutralizes odors better than clay, corn, pine, and wheat cat litters. That’s because the fibrous material of the walnut shell eliminates litter box odors, particularly ammonia. Thanks to Naturally Fresh, that animal shelter full of cat kids may not smell like an animal shelter full of cat kids. Plus, our formulas are low tracking, low in dust, and soft on paws, meaning our walnut cat litter won’t bother cat kids, stir up respiratory issues, or end up all over the floors.

The best eco-friendly cat litter for animal shelters

We make a natural cat litter because we want a healthier world for people, pets, and the planet. With all the cat litter that animal shelters and rescues go through, there’s a chance for us to make a positive environmental impact rather than add to landfills or boost harmful practices like strip mining for clay. Naturally Fresh is biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable, which is especially impactful when used in large volumes. We grow thousands of walnut trees annually on our family-owned walnut farm in northern California, then practice sustainability by using a food byproduct that would otherwise go to waste and producing our litter in solar-powered facilities. These practices help reduce climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, while cat kids get a natural cat litter that speaks to their wiring to bury their business in nature.

Naturally Fresh donations make a difference

Throughout the year, we donate our litter to animal shelters and rescues around the U.S. From 2020 to 2021, we donated more than 350,000 pounds of our walnut shell cat litter to shelters in need. And we don’t do it alone. Every January, we invite pet parents to join us in our donation efforts during our Shelter Litter Giveaway. By nominating a U.S. animal shelter or rescue on Facebook and Instagram, pet parents can help a shelter in need win Naturally Fresh cat litter for their resident cat kids. Since we launched our Shelter Litter Giveaway in 2018, we’ve increased the number of pounds of litter we donate each year, and in 2021 gave 1,000 pounds each to three shelters!

We recently launched another initiative: our first annual Gotcha Day promotion, where we partnered with animal shelters in Seattle and Portland and encouraged new pet parents to adopt from them. By the end of the 2021 promotion, we had donated 4,000 pounds of litter to the shelters and 29,260 pounds of Naturally Fresh to new pet parents who brought their cat kid home from those participating shelters.

Thinking of making a difference by adopting a cat kid from an animal shelter or rescue? Learn how to prep for your pet, then take our quiz to find the right Naturally Fresh formula for your interspecies family.

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